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December 2016

There is an ever-popular question almost every kid has asked at least one while working on math: “When will I ever use this in real life?”. For this month’s “Help on the Home Front,” we will share an easy, practical way of reviewing multiple math concepts using those very present grocery flyers. These flyers provide children and parents the opportunity to practice and discuss real world problem solving skills. The mathematical application possibilities are many!

Getting Started with Grocery Flyer Math

Have your child choose several items, cut them out of the flyer, then glue it to an index card. From this point, there are several math concepts that can be practiced, below is a list of some of the applications:

Comparing Numbers

– Order items from least to greatest then place them on a giant number line.

Fractions and Decimals

– Convert our decimals into fractions and vice versa.


— Round the price of each item to find an estimate of the total bill.

Adding and Subtracting Decimals

— This is even more fun when you find a flyer that has coupons, because it is more authentic practice!

Multiplying Decimals

— For when you need more than one of an item or for adding tax to a purchase.

Multi-Step Problem Solving

— Students create their own problems based on items and coupons then trade with a partner.


— Find a recipe and plan a meal. Then figure out the cost of the items.

Graphing and Data

— Use the prices or types of items as data to create tables, plots, or graphs.

Measurement Problem Solving

— Decide what unit of measurement would be used for each item. Make a list of how much of each unit you want to buy.


— Identify any 3D shapes you can find.

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