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Tutoring, Enrichment, and Intensive Remediation

The Brain Zone exists to meet the diverse academic needs of all students. In addition to a wide range of curriculum designed to address and overcome learning, processing, and attention issues we also offer general after school tutoring for all ages of students who simply need a leg up and maybe a little homework help. Our team of educational experts are equipped to assist in any scholastic endeavor, whether it be a difficult math problem or help with reading comprehension. Our doors are always open to struggling students, and our goal is to send them out as confident achievers. There is no assignment that should be insurmountable – that’s why we are here; we can help.

Empowering Children…


Helping Them Reach Their Full Potential …


Instilling Confidence Every Step of the Way …


Supportive, Encouraging Environment …


At Brain Zone Kids Feel Safe to Make Mistakes;


and That is When True Learning Occurs!


Educational Services

Academic Tutoring

The foundational skills your child needs for Academic Success

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Brain Training

Intensive Remediation Programs

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Wilson Language System

Intensive reading intervention for dyslexic learning styles.

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The Sonday System®

Reading intervention for decoding/spelling.

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Decoding and reading.

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Multi-sensory math all grades.

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Zone 'n On Writing

Writing composition.

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Barton Reading & Spelling System

A tutoring system for those who struggle with dyslexia or a learning disability.

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Cognitive Training

Learning Ears®

Advanced auditory remediation.

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Brain Gym®

Neuro-developmental therapy.

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Sound Therapy

The Listening Program®

Sound stimulation therapy.

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Auditory training.

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Providing Educational Services to ALL Types of Learners

We use a broad spectrum of research-based intervention programs and a proven process that produces measurable results to boost academic success and improve overall learning abilities.

Tutoring, Enrichment and Intensive Remediation

Solutions for Improving Learning: Step by Step

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