Helpful Resources and Links

Here are some links you may find helpful to learn about issues related to learning disorders and alternative (non-drug related) solutions.

Brain Gym® International
Home of Brain Gym® International and Educational Kinesiology Foundation. A worldwide network specializing in research and applied programs of physical movement to enhance learning in all areas.

The Feingold Program
A dietary option to improve behavior, learning and health. Before jumping on the drug bandwagon for issues such as AD/HD or compulsive/angry behavior, we strongly recommend taking a look at your child’s diet. You may be surprised to learn what food allergies can do to a developing body. This site is a good read and reference.

LD On-Line
An excellent resource for staying on top of the latest research and techniques for working with learning disorders.

A.D.D. Warehouse
Books, tools, and resources for understanding and treating learning disorders.

Center for Education Reform
Making schools better for all children.

Love and Logic
Helping Parents and Educators create responsible kids! This is a favorite site for us here at The Brain Zone. This site is the “parenting handbook” that didn’t come with our kids when they were born.

100 W. Cerrito Avenue
Anaheim, CA 92805
Toll Free 1-866-828-8275
(in California only)

Community Awareness for Special Kids

3857 Shaffer Avenue, Suite A
Chino, CA 91710
between Roswell and Pipeline

Disability Rights California (Formally Protection & Advocacy, Inc.)


Produces “Special Education Rights and Responsibilities”


Schwab Learning Foundation

529 College Saving recently published their 529 College Saving Guide and are reaching back out to schools and parent support websites, since last year they mentioned they would be interested in a guide that can help explore all the State sponsored college saving plans. Their team spent over 40 hours researching 529 plans across the 38 states that are open to everyone, regardless of where they live; analyzed and graded them using four core metrics, including past performance, expenses, investing options, data accessibility and many other helpful resources.