Reading is something that comes to some as easy and others as hard. At our learning center, we’ve dealt with students of all reading levels. Some kids take to it easily and struggle in other areas, and other kids find reading difficult. Reading isn’t just the act of putting words together. It also is understanding what you’re reading and using context clues to figure out what lies behind the store. The book might tell a story about a dog who travels to different places, but what lies beneath the lines? As your child becomes older, they’ll need to understand context clues to do well on tests, in school, and to understand other information. For example, if your child is reading his or her science book, are they able to grasp all of the clues to study so they can do well on a test? The first step to reading is to learn the letters, but after that, it can be hard for a child to understand the phonetics, especially since English is a difficult language. At our learning center, we offer reading programs to help your child learn to read and to strengthen their skills.

About Our Reading Programs

The reading programs we offer are Wilson Reading System®, The Sonday System®, Zoo-Phonics®, Barton Reading & Spelling, and Zone’N On Writing. If your child has dyslexia and they struggle to understand the reading, then this program will help your child understand the comprehensive language and become fluent in reading and vocabulary acquisition. The Sonday System is for strengthening the reading skills for kids who need a little extra assistance in the curriculum. With research essentials, this program has been developed from a renowned reading expert. The Zoo-Phonics helps with reading comprehension. This program uses the whole brain to understand the English language. By using hearing, speaking, moving, seeing, and touching the brain will begin to comprehend the language. The Zone’N is for writing, so even though it’s not teaching reading, it helps students understand more about writing and how reading comprehension goes hand-in-hand with it. Barton helps students with reading and spelling for dyslexia.

Each of these reading programs can help your child become a better reader and writer. In addition, ensuring that your child works on their reading skills is also very helpful. To help you assist your child in reading, we recommend a few books that will help your child begin to read. If you’re interested in our programs, then take the time to contact us.

Beginning Reading Books

If your child struggles to put phonetics together or to understand what’s going on in the book, then these Beginning Reading Books are the right course of action. As the old saying goes, “You can’t run before you walk” — it’s the same with reading. Before your child can move to chapter books or even picture books, they’ll need to start at the beginning level. These books focus on phonics, understand the story with pictures, and a storyline that’s engaging to read more than once. One of the most important elements to remember about reading is to ensure the book is engaging enough to want to turn the page. If the book is interesting, then your child will want to continue reading instead of giving up, especially if they are easily frustrated.

Bob Books 

These books are a series for beginning readers. The first set of Bob Books is Set One and with a push in the right direction, your child will be able to read the entire book. Your child will be engaged and because of the consistent new sounds, they’ll begin to read. The words are only three-letters and are in simple sentences with short vowels, so it’ll build your child’s confidence when it comes to reading.

Hop On Pop

Dr. Seuss books are the perfect book for your child to begin to read. Hop On Pop is a classic Beginner Book because it’s simple to read, the storyline is interesting, and it rhymes. If you haven’t read Hop On Pop, then what you need to know is that it’s the simplest of Dr. Seuss’ books and it’s for the youngest kids hence the subtitle “The Simplest Seuss For Youngest Use.” The story is of Red, Ned, Ted, and Ed in a bed, and in typical Dr. Seuss fashion, it’s a fun read.

Ten Apples Up On Top!

Another Dr. Seuss book that’s for beginners. This book is a silly and fun story about three friends who balance. A lion, dog, and a tiger are featured in this book doing things while balancing apples on each one of their heads. They do things like jump rope, roller-skate, and drink milk. It’s an original Dr. Seuss book that’s fun and your child can read by themselves. If you want an entertaining and silly read, then this is the story for you and your child to read for the first time.

Go, Otto, Go! (The Adventures Of Otto)

Go, Otto, Go! Is a book about robots, space, and having fun. This book won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book for its funny and poignant themes about a robot that builds a spaceship. This story is for Pre-Level 1 and is part of an entire series about Otto. In this book, you’ll see Otto work on a spaceship to make it home. Otto landed on earth and has a lot of friends, but he wants to visit his family and the story tells about him trying to make it home on his spaceship.

Too Many Dogs (Step-Into-Reading, Step 1)

Lastly, we have Too Many Dogs, which is also a series. This book is about dogs, which kids love, especially because it’s a colorful book. The dogs in the book are shaggy, waggy, floppy, sloppy, and are just in a bunch wanting to eat lunch. Your child will love this book about dogs, so much they’ll probably beg you for a dog in the end.

Do these books sound like something your child will like? For more suggestions to help your child learn how to read, continue to read our blog.