In Books For Your Young Reader – Part One, we went over some great books our learning center recommends to help your young reader strengthen his or her reading skills. It’s essential that a youngster starts reading early on not only to enhance their reading skills, but to also focus on reading comprehension, picking up on cues, and even listening skills if you read out loud to your child. Reading is something your child will have to do his or her entire life, so it’s a good idea to encourage a love of it early on. Despite the technology we have these days, reading is a day-to-day activity. From receiving texts to following recipes, it’s essential that your child enhances their reading skills and at our learning center with our programs. If your child is a late bloomer or they have dyslexia, we have the necessary experience to help them read better and even enjoy it. If you’re interested in signing your child up in our learning center, then contact us for an appointment.

Early Level Reading Books

In Part One, we covered a few books that are at a beginning reading level. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over some books that are for early level readers. The difference between a beginning reader and an early level reader is that one is in the first stages of reading whereas the other one has moved past the vowel sounds and is learning the language and how to express their ideas, feelings, thoughts, and to communicate with others. The books are filled with stories that will make your child think while still being easy to comprehend. The words are simple, but not too simple and the pictures are engaging. Each of the books we chose are classics with a few contemporary suggestions thrown in.

Amazing Grace

The first book we chose is Amazing Grace, which is a Reading Rainbow Book by Mary Hoffman and illustrated by Caroline Binch. Amazing Grace is about a girl named Grace who loves stories. The stories could be tales from her grandmother, books, movies, or anything in between and Grace will love them. Grace has the opportunity to play a part in the play Peter Pan and jumps at the chance to play the perfect character. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and give Grace the full advantage to tell her story with an imagination that is thriving and innovative. This book is a great choice because it gives the characters a full expression due to the artistry. This book is great for Kindergarteners to Second Grade.

Amber Brown

If you have a daughter, then the Amber Brown series is a great choice. Written by Paula Danziger, this series is about a girl who starts the series in third grade. Amber Brown is a fun character and realistic, so your child will feel empathetic toward the protagonist. Originally, the series is narrated in first person and it can be very humorous to see the world through Amber Brown’s eyes. The real life situations are executed skillfully and there’s a good balance to keep readers engaged on a deep level. This book is great for kids who are just learning to read and want to connect with a realistic character.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

This classic is probably something you read when you were young. The Clifford book series has sold more than 126 million printed books and for a good reason. This series is a delightful read that your child will connect with quickly. After all, who doesn’t love a big red dog? For those who don’t know, the series is about a big red dog and the relationship he has with the people in his life. He teaches life lessons to kids and helps them be good friends who share and help others. For almost 50 years, Clifford The Big Red Dog has warmed people’s hearts with his journeys. Anyone of any age will enjoy this book series.


Another classic we had to add to the list is Don Freeman’s character of Corduroy, which has been a popular read for over 30 years. Written in 1968, this book is about a stuffed bear named Corduroy who has sat in a department store on a shelf for a very long time. When a little girl named Lisa sees him, she knows that she wants him. However, Lisa’s mom is a little hesitant since he looks a little worn. Corduroy knows he needs a little work to be the bear for Lisa, especially with a missing button, so he goes on a nighttime adventure in the department store for a new button.

For more suggestions on what your child should read as an early reader, continue to read our blog.