With the holidays approaching, it can be difficult to figure out a present to buy for your child that has a nice balance of learning and fun. With so many technological advances in our society, it can be difficult to figure out what to get your child. While you want to make sure that it’s something they’ll enjoy, you always want to ensure that they’ll learn from it. By exploring some education gifts that are available on the market, your child is able to learn and have fun.

At our learning center, we encourage every student who comes to us to enjoy getting an education. One of the reasons that kids can hate school and learning is because they aren’t very good at it. They don’t understand it due to a learning disorder or they can’t seem to grasp the concept. By coming to our learning center, your child can learn how to work around a disorder and understand the concepts better

Check Out Theses Gifts For Your Child

Are you at a loss for what to get your child this holiday season? You may want to get them that new video game they want, but on the other hand, it’s essential that you get them something that will help them to learn. These gifts are mere suggestions of what you can get your child to help them learn easier and understand that an education isn’t something that should be hated. As a learning center, we want to help you assist your child in learning to propel them toward a positive future. For questions about our learning center, contact us today.

Reading Games For Kids

The first present that is great for a kid are games that help with reading. If your child is struggling with reading or they absolutely hate it, then a board game is a great way for your child to get excited about reading. Different reading games for kids range from Scrabble to Bananagrams. Scrabble is a fun game to play because it can get very competitive. You can also play Boggle, which is similar to Scrabble and is great for kids who are learning the phonics. Additionally, for younger kids, you can try Hangman Take n’ Play, which is a magnetic game that is very similar to Hangman.

Kiwi Crate

Another great game is Kiwi Crate. Kiwi Crate is easy and a great game for kids because it allows your child to explore his or her creativity and develop a love for science. Kiwi Crate comes in a variety of different types of crates, but in each one, your child can expect to have fun, be creative, and learn something. While most of the projects are STEM related, it’s also the perfect way to think of solutions to the project and do some research on how everything works.


If your child enjoys Sudoku or you want to help them get involved more with logic and solving problems, then Colorku is a great game to introduce to your child. Colorku is very similar to Sudoku, except it’s around marbles that are colored instead of numbers. This game will introduce logic and problem solving to your child and help them figure out patterns using the colors on the wood. It looks a little like Chinese Checkers with problem solving skills that are developed due to Sudoku.

Hide And Seek Geocache

Geocaching is something that’s become very popular in recent years. Now, with this game, your child can geocache whenever they want. Hide And Seek Geocaching is a mixture of learning and having fun. When you start this game, you should expect your child to absolutely love it. Geocaching is very similar to an outdoor treasure hunt that’s can be very huge. You’ll use a GPS and your child will learn about geography, orienteering, treasure hunting, and how to have fun without using a cell phone.

Math Games For Kids

Lastly, we have math games that are centered around having fun and learning. Math is one of those subjects that a lot of people didn’t like because they just didn’t get it. Unfortunately, women are a majority of the people who dislike math because they don’t feel like they are very good at it. By introducing your child to math early on, they’ll enjoy it and even perhaps make a career out of it. Math games such as Sorry!, Zingo 1-2-3, Guess Who? And Uno are all classics that will help your child think learning is fun.

If your child is struggling with learning, then take the time to contact our learning center for an appointment.