Remember back to the days of elementary school where you had to write simple stories or prepare for exams by reading a story and then writing what you thought had occurred? Do you remember how frustrating it could be when you couldn’t come up with certain words or you were told to sound out the words when you couldn’t spell them?

Your child is going through this too; he or she is learning how to read and write better just like you. Writing is one of the ways of communication that unfortunately isn’t going to go away any time soon. It’s an important part of education and even though technology is so enhanced and spell-checkers are fantastic tools to use, your child will still need to write a lot and well. While many parents may not see the need to improve their child’s writing skills, poor writing skills can be detrimental to moving your child forward in school and, in the long term, his or her career.

Four Tips To Enhance Writing Skills

Sometimes, your child’s writing can be attributed to the lack of practice that he or she could do to improve their ability to write better. With so much school centered around technology, a child doesn’t always have the same tools to use to enhance his or her writing like you did. At our learning center, we can help your child increase their writing schools by doing more interactive activities in our many different programs. If you’re interested in signing your child up with an English tutor to help them improve their reading and writing skills, then contact us today to make an appointment.

Reading More

The first way to enhance writing is by building up the vocabulary. While your mind may first go to making flash cards and testing your child, reading is a much less stressful and more fun way to go. You can choose books that are specifically geared toward your child’s interests to ensure that they stay engaged with the material. By encouraging your children to start reading early, your child will become a reader for the rest of their life. It will also help them build their vocabulary, especially when they read books that are a little above their reading level.

Write Letters

Writing letters is a lost art. Even in your generation, the art of giving letters probably became much more seldom a practice the more people explored the internet and wrote emails. However, one way to really help your child learn to write better is to write these pieces of snail mail. You can encourage them to pick a grandparent or another relative to write letters to or you can write letters that will never be sent. Writing letters can help with two things. One, it teaches how to write better and more organized with a flow. Two, it can help your child know how the mail system works. Not everything is quick and immediate, but by understanding that sometimes, with a little patience, you’ll receive something great in the mail. In addition, learning how to address an envelope is still something people need to know, even with the abundance of technology.

Connect Interests

As we touched on above, when you’re choosing a book for your little learner, you’ll want to pick something that he or she will enjoy reading about. If your child loves animals, then he or she will want to read a book that is all about animals. If he or she loves spooky books, then pick a series that will dive into those interests. By connecting the interests, your child will stay engaged in the book and you can encourage them to write about it later on. You can either read a book about their interests or you can encourage them to write a short story about their favorite characters, so they can strengthen their interests.

Make It Enjoyable

The number one thing to remember when you are helping your child to learn how to read is to make it enjoyable. No one wants to do anything that’s not fun, especially when they aren’t at school or a learning center, so many sure that the activities are enjoyable. You can choose games that have writing involved and are still fun such as crossword puzzles.

For more tips about writing better, continue to read our blog.