Look, learn, and listen is something that you learn early on in life. As a parent, you probably tell your child frequently to look and listen when they cross the street or if they are reading a particularly difficult book and need to sound something out. If you don’t learn to listen when you are young, then you could end up missing out on a lot of information. From picking up on social cues to testing below your abilities, listening is a skill that is essential to help you progress.

When it comes to your child, you want to make sure that he or she is learning all of the skills they need to excel. One of those skills is listening. When you come to our learning center in Chino Hills, we can help your child learn better and more efficiently. We have a variety of programs that focus on auditory intervention such as Learning Ears®, The Listening Program®, and Samonas.

Tips For Helping Your Child’s Listening Skills

Does your child need some assistance enhancing his or her listening skills? Do they have a listening disorder or is something just not clicking for them? As a parent, you want to make sure that your child is doing well, so it’s understandable that you may be a little worried. Before you become too anxious for your child, take the time to learn some of these tips to help your child enhance his or her listening skills. These tips can help with any child or any age as long as you make it a bit more difficult the older your child may be. For further information on helping your child with listening skills, contact us.

Try A Sound Hunt

Does your child love nature? Do you enjoy playing games outside? A sound hunt might be the perfect listening game for your child! A sound hunt is when you and your child go outside and listen to the different noises. You could go to a more secluded area and listen to the sounds of nature or you could go right outside your door and listen to the urban noises.

Play Dancing Games

If your child likes to dance to music, then dancing games are the right way to go. In many music classes, kids tend to play freeze dance, so why don’t you play it at home? Turn up the music with your child and then turn it off to help them strengthen their listening skills. You could even invite your child’s friends over and get everyone in it. There’s nothing like dancing in a silly fashion and freezing in a position to bring out the giggles.


Narration is a great activity for you and your child because it helps him or her listen to what’s going on with toys. You can choose animals, dolls, or another type of toy for your child to use to tell a story. You can mention some basic instructions for your child and then have them move the animals, blocks, or other types of toys to the narration in the story. For instance, if you choose animals, then mention they go to the watering hole and watch as your child moves the animals to the area where the animals get a refreshing drink.

Play Do Three Things

Another listening game you can play is Do Three Things. You’re probably familiar with the game because some parents do it to encourage their kids to clean up after themselves. Do Three Things is a game where you stealthily tell your child to pick up their toys. If your living room is messy with toys, then go into the living room and tell your child you’re going to play a game. When they are ready, you tell them to pick up one of the toys and make sure that it’s the right toy going into the right place to ensure that they are actually listening to you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Read Stories And Ask Questions

This activity is perfect for the end of the night before you settle into bed and storytime. There are many books that only have pictures and you can narrate what the characters are doing while your child listens or you can read a story to them before bed and ask them questions after the story to make sure they understood it.

For more tips on helping your child with listening skills, continue reading out blog.