A child’s brain is like a sponge, which is why it is important to encourage them to continue learning during the summer. Most kids forget what they’ve learned in the previous school year because they don’t exercise their brain during the summer. We know it’s unrealistic to expect your child who has learned all year long to do some math problems or to write a book report, but to encourage them to continue to learn in the summer would be very beneficial after a long time away. You don’t have to broach the topic of learning as something school related; instead, we encourage you to have some fun by keeping the educating going through the summer. If your child finds learning fun, then they won’t realize that it’s actually learning.

Four Methods To Keep Your Child Learning This Summer


Summer is a time for vacations. By exploring regions in your area or traveling across the United States, the summer is a time for spending time with family in enjoyable places. From road trips to lengthy airplane rides, summertime is the best time for joyful family bonding. One way to keep the learning going during the summer is to incorporate your vacation into the mix. Scrapbooking isn’t just for older people who want to collect postcards and brochures to remember the good times. By encouraging your child to scrapbook, he or she will focus on writing, reading, storytelling, and building on more skills. When you go to a museum and pick up brochures or to a new city and receive a map or there’s a takeout menu from a fun restaurant, encourage your child to create a scrapbook to show the story of your vacation. If you’re not going anywhere this year, then you can scrapbook just as well by encouraging your child to tell what they did over summer vacation with items they picked up along the way. Not only is it a great way to preserve memories, but your child will build on basic skills.


Gardening is an activity that can become a lifelong hobby. Gardening is simple science and by demonstrating where food comes from and the process from beginning to end, your child will begin to understand the basics of science. Watching a plant grow, or in some cases die if it’s not taken care of, will teach your child many aspects of science and the circle of life. To give you a few examples, gardening can depict the process of life as well as show your child how things need nutrients to grow big and strong. You can even liken the process to how they will grow up big and strong if they have the proper vitamins. For this activity, you can build a little garden with small plants or you can concentrate on growing one plant.


There are so many enjoyable cooking projects that you can do with your family. Additionally, there are so many tasty morsels you can make that are summer related. From fresh fruit kebabs to summertime cookies, there is an abundance of recipes you can make to teach your children and the bonus is at the end they’ll get a yummy treat. Cooking helps to cater a child’s ability to do basic math, read, and follow directions. Cooking and baking can also become a lifelong activity your child can enjoy just like gardening. These activities are very basic science and gives your child a chance to see how things conduct with one another. For example, by mixing butter and sugar, you’ll get a gooey substance that tastes delicious. When you forget to incorporate salt in cookies, they won’t turn out that tasty. Actions and consequences in cooking and baking will allow your child to see what happens when they don’t follow directions.

Learning doesn’t have to be miserable and difficult. At the Brain Zone, we encourage the kids that come to us to sharpen their skills and overcome their learning disorders. With patience and a need to meet each individual who comes to us, our learning center is able to offer tutoring that is beneficial and will meet the needs of our charges. From the child who has difficulty reading to the one who needs an individualized learning plan, we encourage learners of all types to come to us. If you feel your child will benefit from our learning center, then please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with the Brain Zone.

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