You’ve noticed that your child’s grades aren’t where they used to be or where they should be. Instead of bringing home As, your child is getting Cs or Ds and there are comments from the teacher saying that his or her performance has dropped or they are a disruption in class. If you notice that your child is getting lower grades or the teacher is mentioning that they are not paying attention and are distracting others, then our learning center can help on a few different levels.

While you shouldn’t immediately jump to the worst conclusions, as a parent you may be prone to doing just that. Instead of worrying that your child has a learning disability, stop by our learning center and we can help to figure out why your child is having a difficult time concentrating.

Reasons Why Your Child Can’t Concentrate That Aren’t Linked To Learning Disabilities

At The Brain Zone, we have a myriad of learning programs that can help your child regardless of the learning disorder they may have. On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes your child is just having difficulties concentrating. These issues don’t always have to do with a disability or even ADHD or ADD. Of course, you’ll want to talk to a doctor about an ADHD or an ADD diagnosis, but it’s best that you exhaust all other options before you speak to a professional. If you notice that your child doesn’t like school or he or she has lower grades, then look into some of the below reasons.

Isn’t Being Challenged

Your child not concentrating doesn’t always have another reason other than not being challenged enough. Kids are smart. They are a lot smarter than most parents give them credit for, but unlike an adult who isn’t being challenged enough, a child will act out. Kids who are smart and are not being challenged enough will lose interest in what they are learning and will stop paying attention because they don’t feel like the material is interesting. If you don’t know if your child is being challenged enough, then talk to them and see if the school can test them out of the class they are currently in.


Distractions in this day and age affect everyone. From adults who are at work, but have continuous text messages to distract from work to kids who just want to talk to their classmates, external stimuli occurs pretty much everywhere. External stimuli consists of everything from talkative classmates to what’s going on outside. It can be difficult to concentrate when there are so many distractions to pull the attention of your child away. While it’s more difficult to see if this is the reason your child isn’t doing the best they can, try to come up with some ways to help keep your child’s focus on the teacher.

Doesn’t Understand The Material

Our learning center is a great place to help kids fully understand the material better. Many kids begin to act out at school because they don’t understand what’s going on inside the classroom. They may not understand the material because of a learning disability or it might be because they aren’t getting the individual attention that they need. A lack of understanding the material will also encourage distractions to keep them occupied during the day, but by not asking questions and getting them the help they need, they’ll fall further behind.

Lack Of Interest And Practice

Another reason that your child may not be performing well in school is the lack of interest or the practice they have with the material. As an adult, you know that what your child is learning is important, but that doesn’t mean your child does. If he or she isn’t interested in the material, then make it fun for them. While you can’t make everything fun, you can educate your child on the importance of learning in school and help them practice more so they stay more engaged. By incorporating practice and a lack of interest together, you’ll help them focus more on their learning environment.

Help your child do better in school by taking them to our learning center to become better students.