1. What To Know About Kinder-Prep

    Your child is growing up. He or she can walk on their own, they can feed themselves, and they are learning how to read. It must be time for kindergarten! Kindergarten, in comparison to when you were younger, is a lot different than taking naps, eating snacks, and learning to read. Now kindergarten is a preparation for the rest of school where homework is assigned and many schools have eliminated n…Read More

  2. How To Encourage Your Child To Do Their Homework

    How many times have you fought with your child about doing his or her homework? Your child comes home from school and instead of doing any homework, they play videogames, watch TV, or play on the iPad. No matter what you do, you can’t figure out a way to get your child to disengage from their toys or technology to concentrate on doing their school work. If your child is struggling in school and …Read More

  3. Help Your Child Find Subjects They Enjoy Learning

    One of the important parts of learning is being able to find your own interests. Even as we get older, we are still able to explore different enjoyable subjects to figure out if we actually want to spend time pursuing them. The best part of learning is figuring out whether you’re able to enjoy a certain subject long enough to want to do it for the rest of your life. In addition, life would be ve…Read More

  4. Outside Learning Games To Play With Your Child

    As parents we all want our children to excel, which means putting in a little elbow grease yourself. This means, taking the time to help your child get a great education. If your child struggles with learning, then come to a learning center in Chino Hills, CA. Brain Zone has an assortment of tutoring programs to help your child increase his or her reading, listening, and math skills. Whether your …Read More

  5. Encourage A Love Of Math For Your Child

    Universally, math is acknowledged to be one of the more difficult subjects for people. Despite the fact that we use basic math every day, most people display a heavy dislike for math because of a few different reasons. The reasons vary from people disliking their teachers, the fact that they failed a few classes, or a realization that they’ll never need the math they were taught. When someone ha…Read More

  6. Encourage A Love Of Reading For Your Child

    It can be difficult to encourage your child to love reading when they struggle with it. Reading is an activity that a person will do their entire life, so it’s best to create a love of reading early on. If your child is facing difficulties with building reading skills, it’s best to help them as much as possible as soon as possible. If you notice your child is displaying a hatred of reading, tr…Read More

  7. Tips To Help Your Child With Math

    Is your child struggling in math or do they dread doing their math homework? Math is a subject that many people struggle with because of the lack of emphasis on doing well in it, especially for women. Math uses the left side of the brain, which focuses on science, mathematics, and logic. At the Brain Zone, a learning center located in Chino Hills, CA, we are able to help your child with math and r…Read More

  8. Tips To Help Your Child Read

    Helping your child learn to read is essential and will help them for the rest of his or her life. However you teach reading to your child, it can either encourage them to love it for the rest of his or her life or he or she will hate it. Reading will help them excel in school, his or her career, and to assist in understanding context clues. If your child is struggling with learning, take the time …Read More

  9. Signs Your Child May Have A Learning Disability

    Does your child show difficulty with reading, writing, math, or other subjects in school? Do they show a resistance of wanting to do their homework or wanting to go to school? Your child may have a learning disorder. Luckily, the Brain Zone can help your child with learning disabilities. The Brain Zone is a tutoring center located in Chino Hills, CA. We offer a myriad of tutoring services for chil…Read More

  10. Our Learning Programs – Part Four

    In our last three posts, Our Learning Programs - Part One, Our Learning Programs - Part Two, and Our Learning Programs - Part Three we covered nine of our programs that your child or you could benefit from. Brain Zone is a learning center located in Chino Hills, CA, that is concentrated on helping your children do the best they can in school. Our programs build upon skills that will help students …Read More