Summer is right around the corner and Brain Zone has another season of innovative educational options that your kids and your pocketbook will love!

Summer Workshops:

You select the subject – we’ll help you determine the complexity level – and our instructors will take care of the rest!

Writing Workshops – Grades 2-12
Writing success hinges on expressive language:
Learn how to write the short answers, summaries, and essays that your school is looking for.

Single paragraph and five paragraph construction will be covered.

Students will be introduced to compelling hooks, strong thesis statements, essay enhancing tricks, and persuasive techniques.

Genius Academy: A Cognitive Training Workshop – Grades 1-12
A multisensory, brain training workshop with materials scientifically proven to accelerate learning by exercising concentration,
memory, and critical thinking skills.

This is you opportunity to improve the cognitive skills necessary for effective reading, spelling, and writing.

FUNdamentals of Reading – Grades PreK-3
Our popular FUNdamentals of Reading Summer Camp is now the best way to stay sharp in the summer and get ready for the new year.

A Scaffolding approach for critical thinking and reading comprehension will be introduced.

Campers will discuss decoding techniques, spelling constructions, and syllable types.

Math Masters – Grades 1-12
Consistent with state standards’ multisensory, critical thinking approach, students will learn more than how to solve problems
with formulas, they will learn why formulas solve problems.

Word problem analysis and written expression tricks will be included.

Review last year’s material and get ahead of the coming content.

About the 2023 Brain Zone Summer Workshops:

  • Open enrollment workshops are offered for Elementary, Jr. High, and High School
  • No more than 6 students per group
  • Each three-week workshop will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    between 10-12 pm.
  • Session 1: June 12th – June 30th Session 2: July 2nd – July 21st
  • $225 Early Enrollment Discount before May 12th, 2023

Call to schedule a FREE consultation and initial assessment, and see which workshops are right for you!

Learn More About the 2023 Summer Workshops

Easy At-Home Summer Option

What has often been described as the most sophisticated software ever developed to enhance attention, processing speed, and memory, your children will simply  describe as an entertaining computer game. In just six weeks, your child can have amazing results, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.
Fast ForWord was developed by neuroscientists to address foundational reading skills such as word analysis, accuracy, and fluency while providing invaluable auditory processing enrichment in comprehension, memory, and phonemic awareness. Call today to learn more about this eight-week summer option.


Semi-Private Tutoring

2 Students + 1 Instructor = Big Savings.
Call today and see how much you could save with semiprivate instruction!

 Brain Zone Chess Club

Returning again this summer! Free – Every Saturday – Starting 7-06-19

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“When Nicholas started with the Brain Zone, he was unable to read…”

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Thank you for choosing the Brain Zone to partner with your little ones, and we look forward to
another special summer season of effective and affordable enrichment for families in our

Nicole and the Brain Zone Team