1. A great blessing.

    Donna and The Brain Zone have been a great blessing to Joe and our family. She has accomplished what his school couldn't. He went from a struggling student to a thriving one.…Read More

  2. Loved the Brain Zone!

    Loved the Brain Zone! My son is now in college, doing very well and reaping the benefits of intervention.…Read More

  3. So encouraging and helpful.

    You have been so encouraging and helpful. My daughter loves to come and I am so thankful for the improvements we see in her.…Read More

  4. I’m very grateful.

    I'm very grateful to your program and wish that my boys could attend more.…Read More

    J.C, San Dimas
  5. My son enjoys reading now.

    My son enjoys reading now, he can't wait to finish reading one book to move onto the next.…Read More

  6. His reading is getting better.

    Donna, his reading is getting better and better every week. Yesterday he had a sheet to read about nocturnal animals for homework, and he read it with minor mistakes!…Read More

    C.C., Chino Hills
  7. She has improved 200%.

    We are very appreciative of what you have done for our daughter. She has improved 200% since attending the Brain Zone.…Read More

    L.T., Chino Hills
  8. New found love of learning.

    You're the reason we celebrate our new found love of learning.…Read More

    M.M, Chino Hills
  9. Unlocked the door to his mind.

    When Nicholas started with the Brain Zone he was unable to read and could identify and retain only a few words. The program that the Brain Zone designed for him was the key that unlocked the door to his mind.…Read More

    T & M.S, Chino Hills
  10. Life changing program.

    It was a life changing program for Nicholas. That same little boy who started the school year by announcing that he couldn't read is filled with self-confidence and loves reading... With full confidence I highly recommend the Brain Zone.…Read More

    T.S., Chino Hills