1. Developed a love for reading.

    Our son has developed a love for reading, you have opened a new world for him. Thank you for the kindness you showed our son and the door you unlocked for him.…Read More

  2. Phenomenal success.

    Jordan has had phenomenal success in his academic and personal life. Improvement in his attention, spelling and reading.…Read More

    J.C., Chino Hills
  3. Kindness, caring and constant support.

    We appreciate all you did to help Jacob reach his goals. We truly could not have seen Jacob grow in such a tremendous way if it weren't for your kindness, caring and constant support.…Read More

    BP/HP/JP, La Verne
  4. It has been a great joy.

    It has been a great joy for both our son and us as his parents to be a part of such a wonderful program. He has grown so much with his reading skills and his confidence level has gone up enormously.…Read More

    F & C.L