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The Movement Program

Education continues to evolve, and it’s much different than when you were a kid, where there was gym, recess, band, and art classes. Today there’s an emphasis on learning more, doing more, and piling down on homework. As a parent, it can be difficult to determine the best methods of how to help your child do the best he or she can in school, especially since every child learns differently. With our unique approach to tutoring, The Brain Zone can customize an educational plan that will help your child succeed in the classroom, in life.

The Movement Program is one of the many tutoring services we offer that will help your child develop the learning systems in the brain. Finally, after more than 15-years of using movement-based activities to enhance brain functioning, there is excellent scientific research that proves the positive impact movement has on the brain. The Movement Program is a research-based program that is 12-weeks long for children 6-13 years of age. It is geared toward helping your child become more engaged by improving their visual and auditory systems, reading skills, and overall academic performance.

The Movement Program Research

Due to recent research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education, it’s been proven that learning is more than a process of using the brain. Learning requires the fundamental involvement of the whole body. This means when someone is engaging in a task, it’s not just the mind that’s becoming stronger but the body as well. Research about learning with The Movement Program has shown when children complete the program, they perform better in overall academics. Additionally, research with this program has shown that kids’ reading and learning abilities improve with incorporating the entire body. Research has also shown that The Movement Program helps with coordination, timing, rhythm ability, sports, and balance.

The Individual And A School

An individual interested in the movement program will be introduced to a unique 12-week program that is based on developmental activities. Furthermore, this program can be used for an entire school, as well as for an individual student.

The Benefits Of The Child And The Parent

The benefits for both the child and the parent are very advantageous. The child will be developing his or her skills, testing better, and strengthening their focus both in the classroom and out. Additionally, your child will also see an impact on their physical coordination, timing, and, improvement in sports. All of these facets will help to propel your child further into education as well as to help them in their first job and beyond.

A parent will see an improvement in the child’s ability to learn, as well as physical attributes. Since we learn with the entire body, the mind and the physique will be strengthened with these activities that become progressively more difficult throughout the weeks. The Movement Program will maximize your child’s learning abilities and you’ll have the knowledge that your child will excel in his or her education and in life.

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