IMG_8123Writing and reading comprehension can be seen not only as a skill but as a tool. It allows one to effectively communicate to others and can also provide a creative and intellectual outlet that can benefit someone their entire life. Children are taught many things in the classroom. However, many lack the resources necessary to becoming a great writer. At the Brain Zone, we have seen many children capable of expressing their thoughts, but unable to utilize their skills to their full potential.

Does Your Child Need Help With Their English Homework?

We created Zone’n On Writing to teach students how to utilize the English language – transforming them into effective communicators, critical thinkers, better students, and ultimately, great writers through our English tutoring.

Zone’n On Writing is a fun, creative, and step-by-step program that is supplemented with extra practice and practical explanations of everything from stylized tricks to advanced grammar. This fluid structure allows us to cater to each individual child, effectively making Zone’n On Writing suitable for students of all ages. Our goal is for your child to be introduced to the simplistic joy of authorship through basic organizational structure, easily understandable language mechanics, and progressive lessons that reinforce principles that are beneficial for all ages.

IMG_8134The program is broken down into the most important elements of writing:

  • Students will learn the contents and structure of a paragraph and how to properly format a paragraph for strong writing. Older students will also learn correct multi-paragraph essay structure.
  • Next come writing tricks, which are literary devices such as metaphor, hyperbole or idioms, etc. These constructions transform our sentences into compelling, specific, and evocative expressions of our imagination.
  • An advantageous accomplice to effective writing is an expansive vocabulary. When a student knows new words, it becomes a challenge to use them in their writing.
  • Writers will next learn show-not-tell. This method prompts the student to write by alluding to the five senses, thus cultivating an environment so expressive the reader would be able to ‘see’ it in their mind.
  • This new-found knowledge is lost if the child is unaware of how to organize their writings. Therefore, a significant fixture in our Zone’n On Writing English tutoring program is dedicated to graphic organizers and pre-writes that allow the student to plan ahead, targeting their main ideas and supporting details to ensure a coherent finished product.

Writing well is a skill that every child should develop. At the Brain Zone, we pair our writing program with enthusiastic and supportive instructors that foster your child’s success. We believe that effective communication is a lifelong benefit, one that your child deserves.